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Just For Fun

Meet our CEO

Chip is the CEO of Greenfield Dynamics, and our most valuable asset. He joined the team in 2009 after resigning from IBM, his exact position is unknown. His passion for clean energy stems from his own conscience, as his loving stare has been considered by NASA (briefly) as one of the causes of global warming. He incorporates his unique talents subtlety, but his power and strong leadership is unquestionable. As you can see, his gaze is stunning and mystical.

Chip's life before Greenfield Dynamics is shrouded in mystery. He was found unconscious along the banks of the Salween River near the Tibetan Plateau, by the Nu Tribe. After carefully removing his metallic suit and helmet he was quoted to say "gunga galunga", a ruff translation would be, "hound of the stars". Around his neck he bore a medallion, carved from a single, glowing stone. The Nu people still celebrate him to this day and make large fires on the 17th of every month, to signal for his return. The medallion has never been seen again, and its whereabouts are unknown.

It's still unknown how he found his way to the U.S., as he speaks telepathically with his eyes. We do know that he dabbled in philosophy and cultural arts at Columbia, and later he taught business classes at universities throughout the Midwest. His classes were very quiet and intense.

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